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Message from ANAMASS (June 1, 2020)

In light of the events that have occurred in Massachusetts and across the nation, the American Nurses Association Massachusetts (ANAMASS) stands with members of our communities that face prejudice and injustice as we mourn the death of George Floyd, and the many that came before him.

As healthcare professionals, we are keenly aware of the systemic inequality within our health care system, particularly as it relates to public health, including physical and mental health. The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the reality of these healthcare disparities.

As nurses, we are committed to ensuring that every individual receives high-quality, affordable healthcare - regardless of the color of their skin. The ANA Code of Ethics states that nurses “practice with compassion and respect for inherent dignity, worth and personal attributes of every person, without prejudice.” As an organization, we will continue to advocate for policies that uplift all nurses, regardless of race, religion or background and work to expand diversity and inclusion efforts within ANAMASS and beyond. We welcome the input of all members as we continue to uphold these values.

In a recent statement, ANA President Dr. Ernest Grant stated, “This pivotal moment calls for each of us to ask ourselves which side of history we want to be on and the legacy we will pass on to future generations.” This is not yet the world we want to raise our children in. We can and must do better. The change must start now.

Members of ANAMASS: We hear you. We see you. We support you. We stand with you. We are one.