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Judy L. Sheehan MSN, RN-BC
Nurse Peer Review Leader ANA Massachusetts

Changing from Live to Enduring: Frequently asked questions

Q: What needs to be changed when moving a live activity to an enduring activity?
A: The items you must consider when taking a live activity to an enduring activity includes:

  1. Can the intended learning outcome be achieved by changing the activity format?

    If the intended learning outcome changes, it becomes a new program and must be treated as such.  As long as the new format can support, the intended learning outcome the format can be changed.

  2. Will the evaluation method change?
    1. Live evaluation methods may or may not work in an enduring format. If you change the evaluation method, this must be described and included in the documentation.
  3. Have you changed the requirements for completion?
    1. If the requirements for completion (awarding contact hours) change, this warrants a change in the disclosure statement. Please include an updated disclosure statement as needed in the new documentation.
  4. How will you engage the learners?
    1. Learners are engaged differently in an enduring activity. Some of the mechanisms for engaging on-line learners may include but are not limited to:
  • a pre and posttest
  • self-reflection either as a closing activity or during pauses during the presentations
  • journal article addedfor review prior to the program with an attestation that this has been accomplished.
  • Gaming during or at the end of the activity

When you have completed the analysis of your program you must document the above changes and rationale. Provider Units must keep the documentation with the program and activity planners must send the documentation to the office.  Materials sent to the ANA Mass office must include:

  1. The name of the organization
  2. Name of the nurse planner
  3. Name of activity
  4. Date of activity
  5. Activity number

If you have questions about this, please feel free to contact


Disclosures: Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:        What needs to be disclosed to the participants prior to the start of a program and what are acceptable ways of doing this?
A:        Disclosure to Participants must include: the requirements necessary to obtain contact hours, the presence or absence of conflict of interest and the official approval statement. If conflict exists the resolution of such must be disclosed. 

In addition the following items must be provided if applicable:

          If commercial support has been provided, it is necessary to state this and identify the party providing the support

          If it is a joint-provided program it must be clear who the provider is and who is the joint provider

          The expiration date must be disclosed if it is an enduring or blended activity.

Q.        How do you determine if conflict of interest exists?
A.        It is always the nurse planner’s responsibly to determine if conflict of interest exists for planners and faculty. In addition, someone (not the nurse planner) determines if the nurse planner has any conflict of interest.  In order for conflict of interest to exist: a person must be in a position to control content, and have a financial relationship with a commercial entity; the commercial entity’s products must be related to the content of the educational activity. The following decision tree was developed by ANA Ohio and may be a useful guide for determining if conflict of interest exists.